We Love…Emily Arrow!

Over in our house, we love books, art, and music! It’s only natural that we love Emily Arrow, too! If you haven’t heard of her already, you’re welcome.


She is a singer/songwriter of wonderful music that appeals to children and grown-ups. Many of her songs are based on well-loved children’s books (with the authors’ permission.) I was so excited to have stumbled upon her channel on YouTube and found out that she’s on Spotify, too. She also has a new album out and her music is also available on iTunes. She’s on Facebook as well and goes live quite often.

My son, Mr. Two always breaks into a smile when he hears the first words of  “Peanut to My Butter.” He requests “Poem in Your Pocket,” or what he calls “the rhyming song.” I made a little a playlist for when we’re making art. We sing along, giggle, and react to the lyrics while we both experiment with art materials. It’s great fun!

Here’s one setup we had.

And here’s our art playlist!

We also have a bathtime/getting ready for bed playlist. Although it’s not all Emily Arrow, she’s 2/5 of the playlist.

This post is in no way sponsored. We just really love her music and think our days are all the better for it. Enjoy! And again, you’re welcome!


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