Links I Love


TED Talk Love:

1. Brené Brown on Vulnerability
I’ve seen and heard her name all over the internet but didn’t know who she was and what her message was until I saw this TED Talk. I was so pleasantly surprised. She spoke so loudly to my soul but just as loudly to my funny bone. This woman is brilliant and hilarious. Looking forward to reading her books.

Blog Love:

2. Modern Mrs. Darcy
I heard Anne Bogel of Modern Mrs. Darcy over on the Read-Aloud Revival podcast. That episode inspired this post and my resolve to read more of my books this year.

App Love:

3. Daily Curiosity  by
If you want to learn something new everyday, this is your app.

Podcast Love: (P.S. I’ve been kind of podcast crazy lately. And here are my favorites…)

4. Serial
As much as I loved listening to the first season, I’m taking a break from Serial. I was completely and utterly addicted that I couldn’t listen to just one episode at a time. Who else has listened or is listening? I’m so eager to talk to someone about it!

5. Millennial
I know I’m not in my twenties and not considered a millennial but I must say that I sometimes feel like I am. I’m loving listening to this one.

6. Sorta Awesome
If I’m not sure what I want to listen to, this is my go-to podcast. Just friends talking. I’ve discovered a bunch of awesome stuff through this show.

7. Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert
So glad I found this podcast. The last episode was published September 16, 2015 but Elizabeth Gilbert did say to stay tuned so I’m staying tuned. If you only have time for one episode, listen to the last one with Brené Brown.

8. Read-Aloud Revival
This was the first podcast I found when I first started using Stitcher months and months ago. I still find it very helpful and love listening to it.

9. Switched on Pop
So interesting! The hosts break down a couple of songs each episode. They talk about the chords, the bass line — things I never think about when I listen to music. It’s so interesting — have I said that already? Each episode makes me me appreciate the crazy amount of talent, effort, and artistry that goes into making music.

10. What Should I Read Next?
Modern Mrs. Darcy has a new podcast and of course, I love it. Anne asks her guest to  tell her 3 books they loved, 1 book they hated, and what they’re reading right now. She then recommends 3 books. I really enjoy listening to this podcast, even though I’m already drowning in book recommendations!


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