Why and How I’m Planning to Read More of My Own Books This Year

We bought our son’s first couple of books very early on and read to him even though he seemed more interested in eating them than listening to us read them. We read to him even though he seemed too young to be interested in the first place.

I’m so glad we did because our almost two-year-old now loves being read to, reading together, browsing on his own, and “reading” on his own. Safe to say that he is quite in love with books. Goes without saying that reading is one of our most favorite activities. I personally love reading with him because it’s downtime — a time to breathe for both of us. We get to lay down and cuddle while we enjoy stories we must have read a thousand times over.

We get to read a lot of his books daily. And while this makes me immensely happy, I only sometimes get to read mine. So, I came up with a plan to read more of my own books this year and beyond:

1. Read when and where I can

I used to wait until the end of the day to get some reading done. And since I get so tired throughout the day, I often end up sleeping, too when I put my son to sleep. But while listening to this or maybe this podcast, Ann Bogel  of Modern Mrs. Darcy suggested that we read anywhere and anytime we can. So that’s what I’ve been doing. Waiting in line, at the bank, while my son sleeps, while I do chores (audiobooks!), at the salon…whenever, wherever!

2. Read several but different books at a time

Last year, I bought several parenting books that I started as soon as I got each one. All the information got all mixed up in my brain. I didn’t know what insights came from which author and I was lost each time I went back to reading any of them.

This year, I would still like to read several books at a time but each one will be from a different genre:

3. Track my progress

Since many of my books are ebooks, it’s difficult to instantly see where I am in the book. When dealing with ebooks, I obviously can’t instantly know where I am in each book at a glance. Or if I’ve inadvertently abandoned and forgotten one of my books.

I’ve discovered this really cool app on Android, called Book Tracker. And all at once, I see where I’m at with each book I’m currently reading.

4. Create a running book wishlist

This is just so I have a designated place for all the books that people recommend or titles that catch my eye. Also so I’m not scrambling for a new book once I need it. Just yesterday, I asked my voracious reader of a sister for recommendations and her suggestions instantly made it to my other new app discovery, To Read, alongside ones I’ve long had my eye on.

I’ve only been doing this for a couple of days and already I feel like I’m doing something great for myself and my little family. It makes me a better mother and wife because it puts me in a great mood. It feels like plugging in to recharge.

May it be reading or not, may we all find ways to fill our tanks so we can become better parents/partners/people this year and beyond!

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